Ladylike in Camel

Happy new ultra deep brunette! As you could say in the light of the upcoming Star Wars movie, I have joined the dark side. It took me quite some time to get used to it – the process included a lot of me agonyzing in front of my closet that nothing matches this colour, and my award-deserving boyfriend listening to me patiently. Now that I’ve worked with it for a couple of weeks, I’ve noticed my girly side shining through more than usual, and even prompting me to give this gorgeous dress a try.

Style Raffiné Ladylike In CamelStyle Raffiné Ladylike In CamelStyle Raffiné Ladylike In Camel

To be completely honest, I would normally pull an all-black ensemble, but at the last minute decided to opt for my camel old-but-gold New Yorker coat. Leather gloves and studded cross body bag, as well as the snake-effect ankle boots all gave a little bit more urban (and practical!) feel to it, as opposed to clutch bag and high heels for example. Imagine having to run for the bus – the dress is enough of an obstacle. And yes, I do that when needed.

Style Raffiné Ladylike In Camel Style Raffiné Ladylike In Camel   Style Raffiné Ladylike In Camel

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Dress by Gina Tricot | Coat by New Yorker | Boots by New Look | Bag by Aldo | Gloves by Mango

Review: GoodieBox October

Here is something I do for the first time in my life – a beauty products review!*

*absolutely not sponsored; I did it for fun and purchased the box myself in the first place. All opinions given are genuinely mine.

Background story: you may have heard of the so-called beauty boxes – a service that sends you a monthly box of beauty and personal care products, either full-sized or testers, for you to try. It firstly appeared in the USA, and obviously there was enough interest to make it successful branch of the beauty industry. Examples are IPSY, Birch Box, Beauty Bar, Glossy Box.

I have been very curious to try out the idea, and recently I discovered there is actually a Danish version of the service – and after doing some research on what they have included in previous boxes, I decided to give it a try. It’s not insanely expensive at all, and if you do not like the box you receive, you can unsubscribe right away. Plus, being a person who likes surprises and trying out new things, the concept really appealed to me. The box I got by the time I signed up was the October GoodieBox created with the Danish department store Magasin.

Beautiful pale pink package, nicely wrapped as a present inside and comes with two pamphlets introducing the products, as well as their ingredients, effects and how to use them.

Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty

A look inside

Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty

Here’s what the box included (left to right, top ones first):  Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, Karmameju’s Konjac Sponge Green Tea, Magasin Beauty Series Eye Gel, Magasin Beauty Series All-in-one Cleansing wipes 25stk. (those are all full-sized items) , Balance Me Restore and Replenish Face Cream, The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensively Revitalising Facial Oil and L’Occitane Verveine Shower Gel (those were samples).

I won’t go in detail for every single product, but will point out my favourites and not-so-favourites. If you are interested in one or more of those, feel free to click on its name in the list above, so a non-affiliate link can take you to its official page.

What I loved overall

The amount of products, the size of them and the usability. My expectations’ perfect case scenario was to get a decent sized-products that I can actually use and (if it was make-up) is not in weird colours or from questionable brands. I also appreciated how the selection itself makes up for a beauty routine – the products complement each other and it feels like a full package. The box was way worth its price: I paid DKK159 for it, and only the make-up brush that I planned to buy anyway is DKK170. I got the box almost two weeks ago and since then I’ve used every single item in it – well done for the people who selected the items! It included something I would not buy normally (like the sponge), something I wanted to try (the brush) and something that just came out in store (the face oil). Maybe I am super lucky to receive such a great box, and the ones to come won’t be that great, but it has definitely won me over to stay tuned for the next one.

My personal favourites

As I mentioned, it’s been a couple of weeks since I got my box and that gave me time to try out everything before I wrote this review. The sponge was probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever tried (beauty-wise). The first time you open it, you have to put it under water for some minutes for it to take its normal shape – soft and bubbly. It is honestly the most pleasing, weirdly satisfying and relaxing thing to use on your skin – I literally didn’t want to stop. It is so good. It leaves my skin feeling polished and soft, the redness is gone and it feels like I’ve been given a facial massage. Personal favourite.

Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty

Secondly, as I already use natural oils for my skin, hair and eyelashes (yes, truly, and it makes them grow like crazy), I was excited to try the Body Shop’s one. As with previous similar products, I put this before going to sleep, followed only by eye-gel – and nothing else. It does the job beautifully and there is visible difference in the morning – considering dry patches, redness and overall tired skin. I may get this full-size later on, if it doesn’t break me out after time. Fingers crossed.

Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty

Last but not least, the brush I’ve been longing after for so long happened to be in the box – a total win situation. I wanted to get it mainly because of the shape – to get a break from the classic flat foundation brushes, and because Real Techniques’ brushes are so soft and nice. It did not disappoint – I am in love with it.

Style Raffiné GoodieBox Denmark Review Beauty

What I was not so fond of: the make-up wipes were nothing special; and the vervaine shower gel is a just really nice smelling shower gel.

Last words

I can not wait for my new box to arrive, after this one left me a marvelous impression. Experiment – successful!


What do you think about my first beauty review? Would you like to see more of those? Let me know – I might do the next one on YouTube.



Monday Inspiration: The Suit

Let’s start the week in a good way – with some coffee and eye-candy.

It’s not something groundbreakingly new; as a matter of fact Hollywood stars from the past Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn are an example of perfectly androgynous pantsuit looks. And now, the style is making a comeback.

This season’s options come in wool or tweed (winter-appropriate, just throw on a long coat) and very light colours (in addition to the always classy black). The evergreen tailored look with cigarette pants will always be in, but don’t overlook the relaxed fit and the bell-shape.

Me personally, I would love to see myself in a pantsuit, as long as it doesn’t include wide leg/flared pants – just my preferences. It’s not only suitable for the office, it’s almost a statement that you are secure in your feminine quality and feel comfortable in something stolen from the traditional menswear. Is there a connection between this trend and the ongoing conversations for gender equality? Maybe.

The ultra-cool slouchy fit:

 Rag & bone Aggie brushed wool-blend wide-leg pantsMax Mara Franz jacket

Rag & bone , Max Mara

The wide-leg version:

Derek Lam Button-detail tweed jacket Altuzarra Arp pinstriped single-breasted blazer

Derek Lam , Altuzarra

The girly approach:

 Stella McCartney Jasmine wool wide-leg pants Theory Custom Gabe wool-blend blazer

Stella McCartney , Theory

The budget (yet just as cool!) edit:

Zara Suit pink nude beige woman Zara Suit Navy Striped Woman

Mango pantsuit Mango pantsuit

The first two are from Zara (here & here) , and

the second two are from Mango (click & click) .

As always, remember these are style ideas and not necessarily shopping suggestions – we all have a budget after all, and posts like the above shouldn’t add pressure to buy something you don’t feel like. Also, there are no affiliate links in this or any other post on this blog.

What are your thoughts? Do you see yourself in a suit, and how would you wear it? Share in the comment section!



Fall for the Print

May I start by saying I am definitely not ready for winter. Mainly because I hate winter. If it wasn’t for Christmas being the only time of the year my whole family gets together, I would enter a depressive state of staying at home, covered in all the blankets I own. But some things are inevitable, and so I decided to spend what is left of this beautiful fall we are having outside, enjoying the colours before everything gets cold and gray and snowy.

Style Raffiné Fall for the Print

Style Raffiné Fall for the Print

Today, I matched the most snuggly and soft sweater I have ever owned with the paisley/floral printed pants. Very laid back and comfortable, with unobtrusive presence of the current trends – velvet, crossbody bags, knitwear. Best of all, the sweater is so oversized that I felt wearing another piece underneath eliminates the need of outwear.

Style Raffiné Fall for the Print Style Raffiné Fall for the Print

Isn’t is an enchanting print? It reminds me a little bit of a russian fairytale, probably because of the colour combo. However, it is not too loud and flashy, and can definitely go with a tailored jacket and a white shirt as well for more workplace-appropriate look.

Style Raffiné Fall for the Print

Those velvet bow flats are the only item in my closet with this texture, and perhaps will continue to be. I’ve seen enough velvet on clothing and accessorizes all over Elle magazine to know it’s an item right now, but that is as far as I’m willing to experiment with this fabric. Maybe for a holiday party look a velvet dress would be cool…

Style Raffiné Fall for the Print Style Raffiné Fall for the Print

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xx Madlen

Sweater by Zara | Bag by Aldo | Trousers by Zara | Shoes by H&M | Sunglasses by Aldo